Free PSN Codes 10-11-13



We’ve added some free psn codes to the site and are available to the fastest redeemer.  These Playstation network card codes do cost us money so we ask that you complete a few surveys or downloads to help us with the costs. You will need to complete surveys in exchange for credits. Once you have enough credits you will be able to unlock the free psn code and your download will begin. Prior to downloading the code you will be asked on step 2 for some basic information. This information is only to notify us that you have unlocked the code so we can remove it from our system so no other members download a used code. Failure to complete this simple step will not allow you to continue. These codes are available to you at no charge and are available as an instant download after you have completed the requirements. To download these codes you must be at least 18 years of age, enter in your real information including email address, phone number, and physical address. You must use a unique email address on each offer and say yes to at least 3 offers in the path to receive credit for the offer. You must also clear your cookies after you have completed each offer.

There are lots of websites out there on the web that promise free psn codes. However, we are the only website that actually offers instant codes for completing surveys and or downloads. Our method is simple, you want something that you can’t pay for. So we have purchased it for you and all you have to do is simply unlock the code. We’ve attempted to take every step to make it easier on you to get these codes. If you get stuck you can visit our help file. There you will be given tips and tricks to get these offers to credit. We wish you the best of luck unlocking your new Playstation network card code.

To get your free psn codes now click the link below:

Free PSN Codes


Update: 10-25-2013 we have added a new $20 Playstation network card to the website. Simply click on the above link to go to the selection page. We hope that you enjoy these free psn codes and always remember. PSNBOY is the leader in authentic and unused free psn codes.


-The Psn Boy

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2 Responses to “Free PSN Codes 10-11-13”

  1. Lee Smith says:

    I absolutly love your websies. I’ve redeemed so many psn codes from you lately. It was so frustrating to find a site that gives free psn codes instantly. I tried everything on google but this site is the only one that worked. I see so many sites where people ask for psn codes but your site is the only one that delivers.

  2. JoeL says:

    I totaly thought this website was fake but when I tried it and downloaded my psn code it actually worked. I had to look at my psn wallet account twice just to make sure there was actually money in my account. Thanks bro for giving me get a free psn code

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